Scratch is a 5-episode LGBTQIA+ dramedy web series about a love triangle told from the perspective of the "other guy". This sex-positive series tells the story of betrayal and infidelity within a gay relationship. The driving, core theme of the series is being blinded by a desperation for love. This series is for all the guys who have been left behind. For those who have waited too long in too many carparks for a guy who couldn’t care less about them. It’s for the guys who don’t want to hook-up with random strangers but are afraid that no one else will want them. Inspirations for the series include “august” by Taylor Swift and “Fleabag” by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

We are currently searching for funding to make this series a reality!

Currently casting for all four characters. Please email for audition packs and details

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